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Nature Club Upcoming Events

Our meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at the Christian Reformed Church at the bottom of Roger St at 7 PM.

For Details on Events, email [email protected] Non-members and guests are welcome, but have to sign a waiver, and will be asked to join after two guest visits.


  • Sat May 4th Explore the Somass mudflats

We will meet at 1PM and walk in to the flats. Wear rubber boots, old sneakers, or water sandals. High tide at 10:15 AM; Low tide at 4:20 PM

  • Tuesday May 7th: Path clearing at the Ducks Unlimited Property
    This is another work party to clear the trail that runs along the west edge of the property. Bring garden shears, clippers,pruning saws and work gloves.
    We’ll meet at the gate where the dirt road along the river starts, at 9:00 AM and work until noon or sooner if we finish early.
  • May 9 -12 BC Nature Annual Conference Parksville. Registration information will be sent out.
  • May 14: Monthly Meeting
  • Thursday 16 May: Devil’s Den Bluff Flowers hike

Spring Flowers at their finest. Easy hike at a slow place Meet at Victoria Quay at 9:00 AM

  • Sat 25 May: Visit Land of Milk and Honey Bluffs

This, oddly named trail, is on the eastern slopes of Mount Porter. It is a moderately difficult hike but offers great views and a chance to find an unusual fern on one of the bluff.

  • Sat June 8th Walk and Wade to Sandy Island

This is a mild adventure. We will drive onto Denman Island from the ferry and to a spot where on a low tide, you can hike to Sandy Island Provincial Marine Park. This day has been especially chosen to coincide with a low tide in the middle of the day, making it possible to reach the island. Be prepared to walk in shallow water and see lots of wonderful intertidal life.

  • Sat June 22 Expedition to the top of Mount Washington

We’ll take the chairlift up the mountain and hike down through the alpine meadows. There is a good chance of finding the endangered Vancouver Island Marmots. This is a tentative date at the resort starts its summer tour season in late June-early July. There will be a charge to use the chairlift. Prices aren’t set yet, but you can expect to spend at least $20.

  • Sat July 6th Long walk/Hike to Snag Lake

This expedition is a 7.5 km long walk along an old logging road at the bottom of the upper Kennedy River Valley. At the end of the road a rough trail climbs up to a rock bluff which provides a great view of an old slide that blocked the River and created Snag Lake, named after all the dead trees that died after the slide happened. This is an all-day trip to see an amazing place. But you will be tired when you get home! We’ll get an early start from Victoria Quay, 8:30 AM sharp. Bring lunch and water.

  • Sat August 10th Stage 2 of the Alberni Inlet Trail

Of the tree stages of the Alberni Inlet Trail, this one is the most level. Much of it follows the grade of an old railway that was never finished. But there some steep bits too. There are lots of views of the Inlet and a couple of cobble beaches. It is 9 km long and around 3.5 hours of hiking. We will arrange to have transportation back to the start to avoid a two way hike. Bring a lunch and water.